Dr Rosie Bosworth

Her friends and family call her New Zealand’s Martha Stewart, but although she loves creating dishes and baking treats, Dr Rosie Bosworth’s life aspirations sit a little further back in the food production chain. A strategic communications and technology professional with a background in the future of food and agriculture, cleantech, energy and transportation, Rosie is passionate about sustainability and the environment.

With a PHD in disruptive technologies for sustainable development, Rosie has an appetite for finding ways to improve sustainability and resilience for agricultural and food systems in New Zealand and gobally. She monitors global industry technology and innovation trends in order to educate and future proof their impact on our economy. A balanced, compassionate, and insightful provocateur, Rosie is committed to ensuring New Zealand is economically viable in the years to come.

Rosie’s niche experience in technological insights, storytelling, and strategic planning sees her travelling to California on a regular basis to work alongside and learn from technology leaders in their fields. These overseas trips allow her to see the changing tides ahead, aiding in her pursuit of sustainable development in New Zealand.

When she isn’t researching or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you will find her practising, teaching – in fact living and breathing yoga.

Rosie says experiencing a number of physical traumas throughout her life has helped her to slow down and allowed her to chart a course and shape her views on the world and appreciate the value of life. She encourages her students and her community to “shine their brightest light” in a way that helps to serve humanity. Rosie loves to inspire through her teaching, relaying her life learnings.

Motivated to help carve out economic, sustainable, and resilient pathways for businesses and industries globally, Rosie consistently strives to use her knowledge to benefit others in all her endeavors.