Sometimes a crazy idea can change the world, and sometimes people have crazy ideas and do nothing. But Guy is a man with an intense entrepreneurial spirit, and he had the passion to turn his crazy ideas into a reality.

His craziest idea yet is that of the Manta5 Hydrofoil bike. A world-first half bike, half plane that can travel on water. He went into the creation of this bike with a knowledge that he needed other people with the expertise he didn’t have.

Guy has a range of experience is business already. In 1979, only a couple of years after he and his family came to New Zealand in 1975, Guy started a furniture manufacturing business. This later led to establishing retail stores and then to franchising the stores that traded under the name of Restwood Beds both in Hamilton and Auckland. The contemporary European design furniture sold well throughout New Zealand.

Since that first company in New Zealand, Guy has created many startup companies and has developed valuable experience in business management, marketing/advertising, manufacturing, product design, retail and new idea business start-up. Including such companies as ColourTech Coatings (paint company), Restwood Imports (importing, marketing Germany actuators motors), Restwood Beds (retail bed/linen stores), Suite3 (retail furniture stores), and Torpedo7.  

“We now operate our holding company Focus3 which manages property, private equity and the development of the Manta5 Hydrofoil bike.”

More recently, Guy enjoys working closely with his son in developing their commerce businesses. All the website businesses are operated in Hamilton from their 1600 sqm warehouses. With their 190 staff, they deliver 12 million emails monthly and dispatch two million orders annually.

Along with long distance road cycling, Guy enjoys reading biographies, even though he’s dyslexic. He also has a strong interest in business ideas to the point that he acts as a mentor on a one-to-one basis to encourage various people in a business.