Jacqui became accustomed to a life of attracting attention, whether she wanted it or not. She began to shut people away by building a wall and wearing a mask, hiding her true, happy self in an effort to survive the scolding judgement she was often subjected to by others.

She spent her childhood often feeling like she wasn’t enough. As she grew older she fell into a volatile depression and was living a life of self-medication and self-harm. A life-changing experience allowed her to see herself for who she was inside: Powerful. Wise. Beautiful.

She evaluated her life and realised she wasn’t living. Surviving, yes. But not thriving. However, over time she noticed she didn’t need to change her whole life, just her perspective on it. “Happiness is not a choice unless we have the knowledge to make it one.”

In 2015 Jacqui wrote a book titled Just Do You – My Journey from Mad to Zen. This book had great success and she now focuses on “teaching big dreamers with limiting self-beliefs how to unblock what doesn’t serve them and become manifesting machines”.

Through her own journey to a life of happiness, she discovered a five-step manifesting formula. The basis of this five-step formula is that being happy is all about alignment. Aligning yourself with what is deeply important to you, honouring that by setting boundaries, unblocking what does not serve you, and stepping out of your comfort zone to make it happen.

She hopes to have her five-step manifesting formula rolled out in all schools across New Zealand, speak all over the world, and continue to write books because she is committed to helping people thrive. It allows her to be surrounded by fired up, empowered, and inspired people.

“Einstein was the first to declare that everything is energy. The 5 Steps allows its person to adjust their frequency in such a way, that they are able to manipulate the Vibrational Manifestations (physical outcomes) of their choosing. Potentially having the ability to create anything and everything they desire.”