Linda Radošinská

Linda Radosinska, an HR professional turned fine art photographer and filmmaker, has returned to her HR roots to take on one of New Zealand’s most persistent and fundamental workplace challenges. She loves to learn, grow, and acquire new skills and experiences. In her latest project, she taps into her naturally creative disposition to educate and solve problems in an innovative way.

Linda’s story started out in a fairly stereotypical way. Like many young people, she went to university despite not really knowing what she wanted to do and ended up studying Management, majoring in HR and Strategy. But as time went by and her graduation approached, it became clear that she had made the wrong choice.

Fortunately, fate intervened in the form of a camera gifted to her one Christmas. “I threw myself into photography and in return it changed my life.” While she grew and developed as a photographer and her work was exhibited around the world, she worked in a number of different jobs and industries, each one enabling her to continue her focus on photography. One of those jobs was a part-time role with a non-profit in Hamilton called the Young Workers Resource Centre. There, she put her HR skills to use, developing and delivering workshops on employment law to high schools in the region.

“Those who know me well know that I like to work in project format, and the discipline or topic can vary greatly and seem pretty unexpected to those on the outside. There is always a thread that links it back to something else I have done or experienced though. I only take on projects where I have a 50/50 chance of success, because I want to be a different person on the other side of it- I want to be able to do things that I couldn’t do before, when I'm finished. I like to do work that changes me."

In 2011, Linda gained international exposure for her photography project ‘Exit Through the Thrift Shop’. In it, she brought Banksy stencils to life- using real people, props and locations, adding depth and dimension to the infamous English graffiti artists work.

Linda’s mission in life is to bring delight and positive change to others, through the things she creates. “I really like combining or remixing things in interesting and unexpected ways, and that is not just with my photography work, but in all my work.”

You can view Linda’s photography work here: