Logan Elliott

30-year-old entrepreneur Logan Elliott chooses to live his life between the blurred lines of work and play - and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the past decade he has journeyed up erupting volcanoes at sunrise and has been paid to breathe fire over 20,000 people. He’s danced with Giorgio Armani whilst on stilts and hung out with Sir Richard Branson.

He currently spends his time between running his entertainment company and organising global retreats for entrepreneurs and has helped dozens create their own businesses over the past three years. This kiwi lad from Christchurch is living his best life.

Like many of us, after high school Logan had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. Following a strong passion for science, he chose to study molecular biotechnology at the University of Otago. In his spare time he started running events for science students, learnt how to stilt-walk and eventually ended up managing a group of talented hobbyist performers. His natural curiosity for the world of business led to completing a second qualification, a masters of entrepreneurship.

Fast forward a decade, four business start-ups, over 30 countries and Logan has grown his entertainment company, which now has 100 casual and part-time staff across New Zealand and 800 events under its belt, from scratch. Now, he’s on a mission. A mission to create a community of like-minded people and to prove that you can lead an extraordinary life by combining passion and creativity with business and entrepreneurship.

“I love bringing people together, helping people find their passion and purpose and unleashing their potential through the power of entrepreneurship. I am deeply passionate about entrepreneurship as a tool for changing the world, as well as for being a personal self-growth engine for founders.”

Logan champions flexibility in time and location while working. Taking this approach has allowed him to see and work from amazing places, connect with incredible people and go on some epic adventures.

When he’s not running his entertainment company and organising retreats, he lectures entrepreneurship at the University of Otago, runs educational workshops and online courses, speaks at conferences and LOVES to travel whilst working remotely. He travels so much that the most common question he gets asked by friends and family these days is “so where are you now?!”.

Logan wants to use his journey, his unique beliefs, knowledge, passion and experiences to inspire, educate and support future wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. “Buckle up and get ready to jump into the rabbit hole with me – I guarantee it will be one hell of a ride!”

You can read more about Logan here: www.lifetimecreative.co/logans-adventure/