Pisey Leng is a survivor of the killing fields of Cambodia that claimed the lives of almost two million people including her father, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. After a four-year ordeal under the murderous Khmer Rouge, Pisey, her mother, and brother tried to build a new life under the communist Vietnamese government.

Her brother’s conscription was the catalyst that sparked the family’s harrowing escape from Cambodia to a refugee camp in Thailand.

After more than a year as illegal refugees, and three more years waiting for a country to accept them, they finally moved to New Zealand.

Pisey arrived in New Zealand with her possessions in a cardboard box held together with duct tape and no ability to speak English. Ten years later, Pisey had established a career as an anaesthetic technician and owns a thriving bakery in Raglan.

Pisey has devoted her life to her family, career and studies of the leaders in personal development. Her story is one of triumph, but it wasn’t without its struggles, horror, trials of character and perseverance. Through her strength and courage, she learned the importance of holding onto hope and aspires to help others do the same.

In 2015 she published her book The Wisdom Seeker: Finding the Seed of Advantage in the Khmer Rouge, in which she details her journey from being a witness to savagery to being a shining example of courage and self-determination.

Pisey’s desire is to share and inspire others with her story of hope and possibility. The Wisdom Seeker had achieved an International Best-Seller status on Amazon when it was launched.

She is committed to helping others learn how to find the seed of advantage in any situation so they too can enjoy a life of peace, happiness and abundance. She holds the belief that life is like a classroom and meant for learning. That there is always room for improvement. “By sharing my story, I also learn more about myself.”

She enjoys learning about herself and learning to be a better person. “Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow to do things just a little better than I did yesterday. I enjoy discovering things about myself and my core belief in life gives me the sense of self-worth.”