Professor Michael A. Peters

I think, therefore I am. I drink, therefore I am. Professor Michael A. Peters has spent many an evening pondering the importance of philosophy for everyday life over a glass of vino or two. A Professor of Education at the University of Waikato and Emeritus Professor in educational policy, organisation, and leadership at the University of Illinois, Professor Peters also used to own a vineyard. “I like the connection between wine and philosophy.”

With two honorary doctorates, over eighty books and five hundred papers and chapters to his name, his interests are in education, philosophy, social policy and particularly knowledge production and consumption. His latest research focuses on distributed knowledge, learning and publishing systems, and open education.

Professor Peters has acted as an advisor on these and related matters to organisations such as UNESCO and to governments in New Zealand, Scotland South Africa, USA and the European Union. He is a Lifelong Member of the Humanities Society of New Zealand, The Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE), and was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand in 2010.

He says the deepest influences upon his thinking and writing include the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and Michel Foucault. “These philosophers provide a positive philosophical response to pessimism and to the fragmentation of value and dissolution of culture.”

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