Sam Elton-Walters

Dad. Podcaster. Website developer. Giant pumpkin grower. Digital Santa. Sam Elton-Walters list of unique hobbies turned projects come businesses reads more like a collections of Disney classics than a CV. But Sam has an uncanny knack for flipping ideas on their heads and has his very own collection of interesting and successful projects to show for it.

One such project he is involved with is The Great Pumpkin Carnival right here in Hamilton - home of the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in the Southern Hemisphere. Held annually at the Hamilton Gardens, pumpkin growers from across the region gather to celebrate pumpkins, particularly the larger varieties. Ideas man Sam is Vice President of the carnival and orchestrated the construction and maiden voyage of the very first pumpkin boats every rowed in New Zealand.

When he’s not helping turn pumpkins into carriages, or boats in this case, Sam’s recording the Chris and Sam podcast with his friend Chris, where they discuss randomness, technology and life. Or creating an online directory for all Op Shops across New Zealand. Or spreading the joy of Christmas using an online platform. Or thinking about how he can make his next weird and wonderful idea a reality.

Passionate about helping others with ideas, self-taught Sam immerses himself in the unknown, getting lost in learning how things work. Everything he has achieved and all the skills and knowledge he has acquired, he has learned himself. “I love finding solutions to problems I come across. Once I know how something works, I share my knowledge and help other people by showing or explaining how they too can do it.”

Sam embraces life as a journey, not a destination and lets his ideas take him to from one great project to the next. “I love sharing my stories with anyone that will listen. Inspiration, even on a small scale is special.”

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