Tania Jones

This Welsh-born lass, mother of two and not-so-secret dreamer has a burning desire to live life her way, not the way society dictates we should live our lives.

A design thinking facilitator and marketing manager, by day Tania works in a dynamic tech company powering film festivals around the globe and in her free time works with organisations to help them solve complex issues using a ‘design thinking’ approach. “Design thinking is where you put the customer or user of a product or service into the heart of everything and as a result you end up with solutions that better meet their needs.” She recently worked with Waikato University business students. sharing her knowledge of the DT process to develop ideas and solutions on how to support former refugees to flourish in Waikato.”

Tania is also passionate about working within the not-for-profit sector to support and enrich organisations to deliver services that meet the needs of their communities. As a trustee of Waikato Queer Youth, she is super proud to be a part of an organisation that is committed to supporting youth and advocating for equality.

At home, Tania loves mucking about with the kids and taking them on adventures in our remarkable little country.

Her life mission is to spread as much love as possible. To grow, support and nurture those around her to become the best versions of themselves. To change perceptions and attitudes so that people can embrace all of themselves. “I'm passionate about living a life that's awesome to me and helping others to see that they can too.”