Victor Ahipene

Starting his career as a physiotherapist but relentlessly driven by new challenges, Victor Ahipene decided to move on from a life of 9-5. Motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit,Victor left his job to develop his growing passion – entrepreneurship. Working in a space that demanded confidence and action, he quickly learned that education took second place to the knowledge gained from real-life experience.

Having grown up in an environment of hardship, with financial struggles part of daily life, Victor learnt valuable lessons about creating change and building resilience. This resilience became important as Victor transitioned from the security of his job, into self-employment.

His first joint venture proved challenging, with the reality falling well short of his expectation. Victor moved quickly into the next project, finding that the decisions he was making originated from a place of desperation.

Throughout this time, Victor’s side hustles including consulting and his podcast, Younpreneurs. Moving into this fulltime Victor’s podcast was the vehicle that provided the opportunity to interview over 150 of the world’s top young Entrepreneurs to find out what separates them from the status quo.

Youngpreneurs was designed to fast-track and break-down barriers for other embarking on the same journey. But what happened was much bigger. The Youngpreneurs community was born, a group of like-minded people under 35 years old looking to create change in their own lives.

Learning from these thought leaders inevitably impacted Victor’s other ideas of ‘the norm’. He has spent considerable time evaluating the transition from traditional education into entrepreneurship, comparing both the positives and negatives of the current education system.

His current mission is to create an educational platform that is tailored to the individual. A platform that draws on the individual’s strengths rather than what societal norms dictate.

“The speed that change is occurring means what use to work won’t in the future. We need to future proof the next generation for the benefit of everyone. If we can start funneling students into activities that will be more aligned with their strengths then I believe we can create more happiness in careers.”

With worthy goals dominating his future you can be sure that Victor will have plenty of life lessons for us all.

You can read more about Victor on his website: